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"So I’ll medicate myself with music that you sent me and I’ll try to make it through another day. I know I feel too much this probably isn’t healthy and I’m running out of normal things to say to myself, but bein human’s weird - and that’s ok."

- from "Bein' Human's Weird (& That's Okay)" by Aspenyarrow

Aspenyarrow is a Talkeetna-grown singer/songwriter, now living in Palmer. Her first love was music. She was raised in choir and river sand, seasoned in the Alaskan cover scene and dark winters, has studied and taught music and is now writing, recording, and releasing her own original music.


Honest, heartfelt, sweet as birch water, her jazz-influenced folk/pop and beautiful vocals will awaken your feels and tickle your ear snails. 

Songwriting is a release for me - a way to turn my struggles and challenging emotions into something beautiful and helpful. Happy? Write a song. Sad? Write a song. Pained by the state of the world? Write a song." Her muses tend to include nature, love (and heartbreak), mental health, and self-acceptance. 


She performs as a solo artist, as one-third of the harmony-heavy trio Solar Gain, and the long-time Alaskan music mainstay, the Denali Cooks. She lives w/ her kids and her dog, Mary Puppins.

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