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"Feel our hearts

move as one,

touch the earth,

breathe the sun.

Dare to keep

sacred dreams.

I'm enough

I am me."

- From "We Are We" by Kayti Heller

​Kayti's first "music love," as she calls it, was choir which eventually led to writing choral pieces, pursuing a degree in music, becoming a music teacher, and performing in bands of various genres in Alaska. While choir still holds a special place in her heart, songwriting has become what she can't stop doing and loving. "Songwriting is a release for me - a way to turn my struggles and challenging emotions into something beautiful and helpful. Happy? Write a song. Sad? Write a song. Pained by the state of the world? Write a song." says Kayti. Her muses tend to include nature, love (ewwww, gross), mental health, and self-acceptance. 

Kayti spent most of her life in Talkeetna, Alaska but recently moved to Palmer, Alaska with her 2 kids and her dog, Mary Puppins. Her Hobbies include forest-romping, painting, goofy-goobering, and overthinking.

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